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Our team has been serving Palm Beach County families for over 30 years with all their divorce and family law needs.

Getting divorced…Do you need a Palm Beach County divorce lawyer?

We are asked this question often. Many people think their divorce will be amicable and straightforward enough that they won’t need an expert in the law to assist them. Or perhaps they don’t feel they can justify spending the money to hire a divorce lawyer. Or, maybe they believe they can learn enough about family law to represent themselves.

The truth is, even with non-attorney legal advocates helping you prepare paperwork, if you go through a divorce without a qualified divorce lawyer, you are going into it ill-equipped. Competent lawyers who specialize in divorce have a much broader knowledge of the law and understanding of the process. They are highly skilled and it is their job to counsel you on the law, as well as to advocate for your rights. There are too many complex issues that can arise – procedurally or substantively – that a layperson is simply not qualified to handle on his or her own.

Therefore, we feel very strongly that yes, you do need a divorce lawyer to represent you.

Your divorce is also a very stressful and emotional time for you. You need to be able to process what you are going through without having to study law books and file paperwork with the courts. A trusted divorce lawyer will handle the divorce and issues that come with it while you focus on getting your life back in order.

About Our Team – Palm Beach County Divorce Lawyers

We have been serving Palm Beach County residents for over 30 years. Our team has the hard-earned reputation of experts in family law.

Not only do we have the credentials of a divorce lawyer you would want in your corner, we have also maintained a spirit of compassion over the past 30 years, which is a feat in and of itself. A lot of times, as divorce lawyers gain knowledge and experience, they lose empathy and compassion for their clients.

Despite having litigated thousands of cases over the years, our team has remained remarkably understanding and respectful toward our clients. We have achieved the balance of having seen virtually every type of issue imaginable, while still approaching each case individually and uniquely.

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