Jupiter Child Support and Modification of Child Support

Child support is one of the many issues that arise during or after a divorce where a couple has minor children. Our team are experienced family law attorneys in Jupiter and the surrounding areas. Whether you are the paying parent or non-paying parent, we will advocate for your rights so that the child support order is fair to you and of course, in the best interests of the children.

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Jupiter Child Support Modification

A parent paying child support may find that his or her circumstances have changed and he or she is no longer able to meet the current child support payments. Alternatively, the non-paying parent may feel that the paying parent isn’t paying enough child support to meet the children’s ongoing needs.

Regardless of your situation, our team can help. To modify a child support order, Florida courts require a showing of a “substantial change in circumstances” that is long-term or continuous, and that a modification of child support is in the children’s best interests. Following are a few of the ways to demonstrate a substantial change in circumstances:

  • a significant change in income or financial status of either party
  • a change in health insurance availability
  • a child becomes emancipated

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