Jupiter Collection of Child Support and Alimony

  • Are you having difficulty collecting child support or alimony payments from your ex-spouse?
  • Has the paying spouse experienced a substantial change in his or her circumstances that affects his/her ability to pay alimony or child support?
  • Have you been found in contempt for not paying court-ordered child support or alimony?
  • Did you and your ex-spouse agree to a “new plan”¬†for child support, alimony, or timesharing outside of the formal court order?

In any of the above cases, you need a qualified attorney in the Jupiter area to assist you.

If you have fallen behind on child support or alimony payments, a modification might be appropriate, but you need an experienced family law attorney to review your case and your current circumstances and advise you of your rights.

If your ex-spouse is failing to pay alimony or child support, we will assist you in seeking enforcement.

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Our team has been in practice for nearly 30 years. We specialize in child support collection, enforcement of Timesharing or Parenting Plans, and alimony collection/enforcement in Palm Beach County, Martin County, St. Lucie County, and Indian River County.

Contact us today – we look forward to assisting you!

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