Jupiter Relocation and Relocation Defense

When a couple with children divorces, the court usually creates a Timesharing and Parenting Plan. Sometimes one parent wants or needs to move and take the children with them.

  • Can one parent move away with the children? If so, how far? Another city, another county, another state?
  • What about the other parent’s ability to engage in parenting and spending time with the children? Do they have the right to stop the move?

Florida has very specific procedures that must be followed on both sides regarding relocation. You need a highly skilled family law attorney to handle your relocation or relocation defense case.

Our team advises and represents parents on both sides of the relocation issue. 
We have specialized in family law for over 30 years and are more than qualified to handle your case. Our team understands that move-away cases can be very emotionally charged and will listen compassionately, while strongly advocating for your rights.

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Note: Relocation is different than Child Abduction. Click here to read more about the Return of Unlawfully Removed or Abducted Children (nationally or internationally). 

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