Jupiter Postnuptial Agreements

Unlike a prenuptial agreement, which parties enter into prior to marriage, a postnuptial agreement (also called a postmarital agreement) is entered into after the couple is already married. However, it serves primarily the same purpose as a prenuptial agreement, and that is to lay out the parties’ rights and obligations during marriage, as well as in the event of death or divorce. They are deemed postnuptial agreements when no divorce is contemplated or imminent; when divorce is imminent, they are known as separation agreements.

In Florida, postnuptial agreements are treated as enforceable contracts, subject to the prevailing law on the interpretation of contracts.

If your postnuptial agreement was signed based on fraudulent information, duress, or other reasons, you may petition the court to have it set aside. Click here to learn about Setting Aside a Postnuptial Agreement Due to Fraud.

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