Domestic Partnerships in Jupiter and Palm Beach County

If you are a non-married couple living together in Palm Beach County, Florida, a domestic partnership may be right for you.

Currently, same-sex marriage is not recognized in Florida. While we predict that will soon change, in the meantime one avenue for same-sex couples in Jupiter and Palm Beach County is a domestic partnership. Obviously a domestic partnership does not carry the same weight or offer the same rights as a marriage; however, it can provide some legal benefits such as:

  • Visiting rights to hospitals and jails
  • Bereavement leave
  • Coverage on health insurance policy
  • Family leave to care for a sick partner

Note: Domestic Partnerships are only recognized in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Domestic partnerships are not just for same-sex couples. Since Florida law does not recognize “common law marriages”, unmarried heterosexual couples living together can also avail themselves of the legal protections of a domestic partnership.

A domestic partnership agreement prepared by your attorney will outline each party’s rights and responsibilities in the relationship. It is similar to a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement. Some of the things you might lay out in a domestic partnership agreement are:

  • Whether the couple’s funds will be commingled or kept separate
  • How property will be titled
  • Division of assets and liabilities, in the event of a separation
  • Whether one party will receive support in the event of a separation
  • Any other issues that are important to the couple

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