High Net Worth Divorce in Jupiter

Whether you are a CEO, public official, celebrity, or other public figure — or whether you are a high-asset individual who prefers privacy in your divorce, you can rest assured that your matter will be handled carefully and with absolute discretion by our team.

We will work closely with your forensic CPA to properly value your complex financial portfolio, and to ensure you and your assets are protected from the consequences of divorce. Our team takes an individualized approach and will provide you with all your options to reach the best possible outcome for yourself, your children, and your business.

How do you know you can trust us with your high net worth divorce in Jupiter?

Our team has earned a stellar reputation among our peers in the legal community, and have a proven track record of success.

If you’ve worked hard over the years to build a successful business, you don’t want to see it lost in your divorce. You need a qualified, experienced divorce attorney in your corner to help protect you and your assets.

Conversely, if you’ve helped and supported your spouse as he or she¬†grew a business, your sacrifices should not be in vain. If your spouse ran the business and handled all the finances, you may find yourself at a severe disadvantage when it comes to identifying and valuing assets. Likewise, you need an attorney who will fight for your rights and who knows the legal courses of action to take to ensure you get what you deserve.

Regardless of what side you’re on, you did not work this hard or come this far to see your hard earned assets dwindle away due to divorce. Every member of our team is keenly aware of the law favoring and against each party and is able to draw on his experience and anticipate what the other party might argue before the court, giving our clients an edge in the process.

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