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“Gray divorce”, or divorce among couples over 50, is a rising phenomenon in the U.S. It is popular among Baby Boomers and couples who have spent the majority of their lives together.

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According to this op-ed piece in the LA Times:

Overall divorce rates have begun to decline, but the rate among older Americans has more than doubled since 1990. A half-century ago, only 2.8% of Americans over 50 were divorced. Today, that figure is more than 15% with approximately 1 in every 4 divorces occurring among couples over 50.

Why is “Gray Divorce” Becoming So Common?

There are several reasons we’re seeing this rise in older couples divorcing. Here are a few of them:

1. We’re living longer than ever before.

Advances in health care and medicine, as well as many older people staying fit and active into their later years, means a healthy person who’s 60 can realistically expect to live another 20 years. If someone’s been living in an unhappy marriage, the thought of spending another two decades in misery may not be too appealing.

2. More women can support themselves.

The Baby Boomer generation spurred an increase in the number of women working outside the home. For the first time in history, women are surpassing men in college degrees and more and more women are working rather than staying home to raise the children. Whereas in the past, a woman might be reluctant to divorce her spouse because of financial hardship and lack of work experience, economic independence is so much more prevalent among women, that it may not be the deterrent it once was.

3. Later-life unions might be 2nd or 3rd marriages.

Subsequent marriages are even more likely than first to end in divorce, so many mid- to later-life divorces may be from second and third marriages.

What to Do if You’re Middle-Aged and Want a Divorce

If you’re a Baby Boomer or beyond and you’re not interested in spending the rest of your life in an unhappy marriage, the first step is to hire a divorce attorney who has experience with older couples.

We have been practicing divorce and family law for over 35 years. Our legal team has helped countless middle-aged and elderly couples with their divorces, and all the issues that come with them after years of living together, sharing finances, accumulating assets (and debts), running businesses, raising children, and so on.

Our areas of expertise include:

We understand that this is likely a very difficult time for you, and we will handle your case discreetly and efficiently, to get the process completed as soon as possible. We also holds our duty of confidentiality to the strictest standards to protect your privacy and reputation.

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“Gray Divorce” Attorney in Jupiter