Divorce Attorney in Loxahatchee

Are you contemplating divorce, or currently going through a divorce? You may be wondering if you need an attorney at all; and if you do, how to find the right one. You might be wondering how to pay for a divorce attorney. Maybe you’re wondering who should file, and where? How much will it cost? How long will it take? What is the process like?

If you have children, you might be afraid that you won’t have as much time with them, or enough money to support them. Maybe you don’t want your spouse to end up with the children.

If you have a house, a family business or other assets, you may be concerned about who gets to keep them. Maybe you’re hoping to receive alimony – or hoping you won’t have to pay it.

Or perhaps you are already divorced and a new issue has come up. Perhaps your financial circumstances have drastically changed and you can no longer pay the same amount of alimony or child support. Or maybe your ex has become more wealthy and doesn’t need as much alimony or child support.

No matter what your circumstances are, these are all issues that should be handled by an experienced divorce attorney.

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About Our Team of Divorce Attorneys in Loxahatchee

We are a team of seasoned divorce attorney in Florida, having practiced for more than 30 years.

We’ve earned the respect of our peers in the legal profession and are recognized around the country for our expertise and professionalism.

Compassionate Counsel, Strong Advocate

We hold the duty of confidentiality with the utmost regard and our clients know they can trust us with the details of their personal lives.

Ours is also a compassionate team. We understand your divorce is a difficult time for you, and despite our years of experience and hundreds of cases litigated, we have maintained a spirit of empathy for our clients, giving each of them the time, attention, and respect they deserve.

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