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Wellington Divorce AttorneyGoing through a divorce? When you consider how long you were married and whether you have children, a family business, a home, or other assets/debts together, you quickly realize: This could get complicated. Even amicable divorces can end up with complex legal questions, particularly when a person’s rights are at stake.

Don’t try to go it alone. You need a qualified, experienced divorce attorney in your corner to fight for your rights and represent you to the fullest extent of the law, ensuring you get everything you are entitled to.

Don’t think you can afford a divorce lawyer? You’re not alone! Hiring a divorce attorney can be a big expense, to be sure. But the risks you take when you choose to represent yourself in divorce proceedings is simply not worth the money you think you’ll save. Learn more about how to pay for a divorce attorney here.

You wouldn’t try to self-diagnose and treat a complicated medical issue, would you? Of course not, you’d consult a physician, an expert. Think of a divorce attorney as your relationship physician. They are there to help fix the problems and ensure you stay in tip top shape so you can go on with your life.

Compassionate Counsel, Strong Advocate

George Gelb has all the credentials of a qualified divorce attorney: 35+ years of knowledge in Florida divorce and family law, practical experience (both in and out of the courtroom), and a stellar reputation to boot. Here are just a few of George’s credentials:

  • Selected Palm Beach & Martin County’s Top Lawyers
  • Voted a Florida SuperLawyer by his peers in the legal profession (a designation that fewer than 5% of all Florida attorneys receive each year)
  • Former Assistant Attorney General
  • Managed a large family law firm in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale
  • Featured on TV and radio programs as an expert in his field
  • A member in good standing of the Florida Bar Association since his admission in 1977

Yes, George Gelb is certainly good on paper. Fortunately for you, he’s much more than that. Over the years, George has developed such a perspective and maintained a spirit of empathy and compassion for his clients when many other attorneys become calloused and cynical. No matter how many cases he has seen, George treats every as unique.

With George Gelb in your corner, you will have your questions answered, your concerns heard, your rights fiercely represented, and your best interests pursued. You will be respected and communicated with throughout the process.

Divorce is complicated, but with a divorce attorney like George Gelb, it can be much easier! Call today for your FREE consultation! (561) 748-8000

Wellington Divorce Attorney – Practice Areas

George Gelb specializes in the following areas of divorce and family law:

  • Divorce
  • Divorce Appeals
  • Change of Name in Divorce Cases
  • Division of Assets & Liabilities
  • Alimony & Child Support
  • Modification of Alimony & Child Support
  • Enforcement and Collection of Alimony & Child Support
  • Parenting Plans (previously called Child Custody)
  • Timesharing (previously called Visitation)
  • Modification of Parenting Plans & Timesharing
  • Paternity Disputes
  • Return of Removed or Abducted Children (nationally and internationally)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Stepparent Adoptions
  • Motions to Vacate Final Judgment for Financial Fraud
  • Jurisdiction & Venue Disputes
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Relocation & Relocation Defense

Contact George Gelb today for your free consultation and to begin the process of getting your life back! We look forward to assisting you.