Jupiter Child Custody

– Now called Parenting Plans –

Jupiter Child CustodyIf you have minor children, two issues you will likely face during your divorce – and possibly again in the future -are parenting plans and timesharing rights. When it comes to a parenting plan, the courts must do what is in the best interests of the children.

To help make that determination, the unique facts and circumstances of your case need to be presented to the court by a qualified attorney.

George E. Gelb has specialized in family law in Jupiter and the surrounding areas for over three decades. He understands the importance of fair parenting plans and timesharing arrangements that ultimately suit the best interests of the children.

He also understands this can be a very difficult, emotionally charged time for parents and children, and is sensitive to the needs of his clients and the children.

Whether you are mom or dad is irrelevant. If you are a parent, you have rights. George Gelb will fight for your rights to secure you the most time possible with your children or to change the existing parenting plan or timesharing arrangement.

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