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sunset-beach-1082204_960_720The Best Place to Live Under the Sun

The Village of North Palm Beach is touted as “The Best Place to Live Under the Sun” and is widely known for the exceptional quality of life residents can find there. Beautiful waterfront properties, boating, tennis courts, golf courses and lots of family-friendly activities await you in North Palm Beach.

But if you are contemplating filing for divorce, are already going through a divorce, or are experiencing the frustration of enforcing the court’s decree after your divorce, North Palm Beach may feel like the worst place to live under the sun! The fact is, when your personal life isn’t where you want it to be, it doesn’t matter how many luxuries and amenities surround you.

That’s why you can trust George Gelb with your divorce matters. He understands that divorce is a very trying time for you. It’s so much more than filing papers and showing up to court — this is a life-changing event for you, and quite possibly a very difficult one. George Gelb is known for being compassionate and empathetic to his clients. He will listen to your concerns and answer all your questions honestly and thoroughly. He will be approachable and attentive to you, keeping you updated and ensuring you understand the process every step of the way.

And yet, when you need a strong advocate in your corner, George Gelb will represent you fiercely, defending your rights and best interests with determination and ardor. That’s why he is known as the Compassionate Counsel, Strong Advocate.

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George Gelb has been practicing divorce and family law in Florida for over 35 years. He is well-known and very highly respected in the legal profession. He’s received many awards, acknowledgements, and accolades over the years, including AV Preeminent Attorney by Martindale-Hubbell, Nation’s Top One Percent by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel, Palm Beach & Martin County’s Top Lawyers, and Florida SuperLawyer. He’s been featured on radio and TV programs. He was a former Assistant Attorney General.

As you can see, George Gelb has the credentials of an experienced divorce attorney, and that’s what you need for your divorce matter. This is not the time to hire a “friend of a friend” or someone who just passed the Bar Exam and needs some work. There is too much at stake in divorce cases. If your spouse has a divorce lawyer and you don’t, you could lose money, assets, custody, support — the list goes on.

But George not only has the checklist of credentials behind him — he has years of practical experience in and out of the courtroom. That is something no amount of degrees or awards can replace. He has a proven track record of success after over three decades and hundreds of cases litigated.

He is able to draw on his past experience, his knowledge of the law, and his savvy in the courtroom in order to provide the best service possible for your divorce.

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