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The town of Lantana, named after the beautiful flowers you see above, is a charming coastal community reminiscent of the old fishing village it once was. Despite such beauty and serenity, if you’re going through a divorce, your life may seem anything but charming or serene.

Don’t worry — as long as you’ve got George Gelb in your corner, you will be well taken care of. George has over 35 years experience as a divorce and family law attorney. He knows the law intimately, has an excellent reputation among his peers in the legal community, and because of his extensive experience, he can handle anything from the most simple, straightforward divorces to the most complex, intense legal battles.

  • Are you contemplating filing for divorce, or have you or your spouse already filed?
  • Do you have children under 18?
  • Do you have a family home or family business?
  • Are you a high net worth individual who wants to protect your estate in your divorce?
  • Do you have or need a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement?
  • Are you already divorced but would like to revisit your parenting plan or timesharing agreement?
  • Are you already divorced but would like to revisit your alimony or child support arrangement?

Whatever your concerns for your upcoming divorce or divorce judgment, call George Gelb today for a free consultation. He will answer all your questions honestly and thoroughly, ensure you understand the process and all your options, and will advise you according to your best interests.

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If you are questioning whether you need a divorce attorney at all, here are some things to consider:

  • Many spouses go into divorce believing it will be amicable and uncontested or uncomplicated. But things can quickly escalate and get out of control. Especially if your spouse has a lawyer, you need one too. Because your spouse’s lawyer is going to advise him or her on how to get the most from the divorce settlement. Your rights may end up being trampled.
  • If you have children, a family business, or a substantial amount of assets, it is extremely important to have a divorce lawyer well-versed in these areas. These cases can get especially intense and the laws can become quite complex.
  • Yes, lawyers are expensive. But trust me, the cost of paying a divorce lawyer drastically outweighs the potential “cost” of not having a lawyer. There’s a lot at stake in most divorces: rights, reputation, benefits, property, money, time, relationships, and more.

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