Palm Beach Shores Divorce Attorney

How important is finding the right divorce attorney?

It is absolutely KEY to making your divorce:

  • faster
  • more efficient
  • less confusing
  • less stressful
  • less expensive

… while ensuring your rights and best interests are advocated for.

We understand that if you’ve never been through this process before, you might not know where to turn. It’s a confusing, devastating and stressful time — all the more reason to hire an experienced, professional divorce attorney to take all the legal stuff off your plate, so you can focus on yourself, your family, and getting your life back.

What should you look for in a divorce attorney?

Here are the absolute non-negotiables when hiring a Palm Beach Shores divorce attorney:

1. They should specialize in divorce and family law.

Graduating law school and passing the Bar exam makes someone a licensed attorney. That does NOT make them an expert in all areas of the law. Divorce and family law are very niche, very specialized areas of law. Consequently, you need a specialist. You wouldn’t hire a dermatologist for your heart condition, would you?

Our team has over 0 years of experience as divorce and family law specialists.

2. They should be very experienced and familiar with judges in your jurisdiction.

Now is not the time to jump on the first ad you see for a divorce lawyer or hire your neighbor’s sister’s son who just passed the Bar and could really use the experience (but he’ll do it for super cheap!). It’s not worth it. You need someone with experience in and out of the courtroom, someone who is familiar with judges and other attorneys in your area, and preferably someone with a good reputation in the legal community.

Our team has decades of experience handling divorce and divorce-related matters in Palm Beach County.

3. They should be attentive and compassionate.

While your divorce attorney is not a therapist or life coach, he or she can certainly show some empathy for the stressful and emotionally intense place you find yourself in. Your lawyer has likely seen hundreds of cases like yours. To him or her, it is a business. However, it is YOUR life. And a truly great lawyer will recognize that this is your life, and they will show an appropriate amount of respect and compassion for you.

Our team is known for his understanding and compassionate demeanor. It is rare that a lawyer with this level of experience would be able to maintain a spirit of empathy, but every member of our team has done so. We will make sure your concerns are heard, your questions are answered, all your options are presented, you are communicated to throughout the process, and your best interests and rights are always advocated for.

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