Martin County Divorce Attorney

If you’re looking for a Martin County divorce attorney, look no further. Our team possesses all the qualities and credentials needed – the education, the practical experience, the reputation, and the understanding to effectively represent you in all your divorce and family law needs.

Over the past 30 years, our team has represented countless husbands, wives, fathers, and mothers in every family law matter under the sun. Whether your case is a simple uncontested divorce or a more complicated matter, we are ready to help.

Martin County Divorce Attorney – Practice Areas

Here are our areas of representation:

  • Divorce
  • Divorce Appeals
  • Change of Name in Divorce Cases
  • Division of Assets & Liabilities
  • Alimony & Child Support
  • Enforcement and Collection of Alimony & Child Support
  • Modification of Alimony & Child Support
  • Timesharing (previously called Visitation)
  • Parenting Plans (previously called Custody)
  • Return of Removed or Abducted Children
  • Stepparent Adoptions
  • Domestic Violence
  • Jurisdiction & Venue Disputes
  • Paternity Disputes
  • Motions to Vacate Final Judgments for Financial Fraud
  • Relocation & Relocation Defense
  • Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Divorce can be a very complicated matter. In most cases, money has been commingled, debts have been accrued, a home and other assets have been purchased. Determining who-gets-what and how much takes time and expertise. When kids are involved, you have to handle the issues of timesharing and parenting plans (formerly known as visitation and custody, respectively), as well as calculate child support. Then, as time passes and circumstances change many of these issues need to be revisited and modifications may need to be pursued.

Even in fairly straightforward cases, it is certain to be an emotional time for you and your family. You need not only a competent, qualified attorney to effectively represent you according to the applicable laws, but also someone who will listen to you, help you understand your rights, and then fight to get you what you deserve.

Our team has been helping Martin County individuals and families for over 30 years. Seasoned attorneys, we are intimately familiar with all aspects of Florida family law. Our team is well respected by our peers and the community at large as experts in the field. We can handle your Martin County divorce or family law issue competently and effectively. We will listen to you, answer all your questions, advise you according to your best interests, and represent you compassionately, respectfully, and as aggressively as needed to get you what you deserve.

Contact us today with your Martin County family law matter. We look forward to hearing from you!