Florida Divorce Experts

You should hire only the best legal counsel for your Florida divorce, and accept no substitutes.

But how do you know who to choose?

Perhaps you’ve received a recommendation from a friend, or maybe you are just searching on the internet for a divorce lawyer who seems reputable. There are so many lawyers out there – are they all the same?

If only it were that simple. The truth is, they are definitely not all the same. What you need is a divorce lawyer with:

  • years of experience in divorce and family law
  • experience in the courtroom
  • a good reputation among his or her peers in the legal profession
  • a desire to stay abreast of the constant developments in applicable law
  • a good personality, whom you feel comfortable with
  • strong ethics and professionalism

Our team has a 30-year track record of success handling all types of divorce and family law cases. Over the years, we have earned the utmost respect and admiration of the Florida legal community. Our team is who you want in your corner.

Our office is located in Jupiter, but we will meet with Vero Beach clients locally. Vero Beach clients call (772) 532-6009.

We proudly serves the following counties:

  • Palm Beach County
  • Martin County
  • Indian River County
  • St. Lucie County
  • Broward County

Whether your divorce is simple and straightforward or complicated and emotionally charged, we will handle it with ease and care. Our team has represented hundreds of clients on many complex issues including high net worth individuals, family businesses, hotly contested prenuptial agreements, intense custody battles, alimony, and more.

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